A complete guide to Google Maps Posts

Google posts officially launched back in January 2016 under the “candidate cards ” and in the middle of 2017, they renamed and rebranded. Today they are a very powerful form of marketing for local businesses.

If you have a Google Maps listing then you should read the rest of this post…

This is 100% FREE marketing for your business and everyone should be doing it!

Google Maps posts allow you to share events, products, special offers directly via your GMB listing to people looking online.

Each post will last for 7 days (1 week) and then they will expire.

This allows you to keep changing and adding new content to help generate more customers for your business.

Different posts specific to your business

There are four different types of posts available. It really depends on what you have to offer.

Events: like live band, happy hours
Offers/Specials: like discount sales and coupons
Products: like new stock available
Announcements: like “2 for 1 specials” or Get a free check”

Why should you create Google Maps posts?

All marketing that you do is to get your business to stand out when customers are searching online.

Google Maps posts are a great way to enhance the experience for your potential customers when they are searching for services or products that you offer.

It is 100% free

You can use Google posts to promote your services and products for nothing and you will get free exposure online.

Google Maps posts are very similar to creating a post on your business page offering your services except, your posts on Google Maps will get a bigger reach.

Give customers a reason to visit your website

By creating posts on your GBM listing you are giving your customers a reason to click your link to learn about, sign up or buy a product, service or event.

Simple to create and manage

You can create and manage your Google Maps posts right on your Google My Business (GMB) account.

You will also receive emails alerting you to create a new post when your post expires so you always have a valid offer to potential customers looking at your listing.

Great for SEO

Google Maps plays a very important role in SEO, especially with localised searches.

Creating posts on your profile will encourage customers to click on your listing and visit your website.

Increases the chance of them using your business.

Where can your Google Maps posts be found?

There are three places where potential customers will be able to see your posts:

  • Google search results
  • Google Maps
  • Company search

Below is an example of how your posts will appear to customers looking on a mobile and desktop.

Google Maps Posts online

How to create a post on Google Maps?

As you can see, creating posts on your Google Maps listing is very simple.

  1. Sign into your Google My Business account and choose the location you want to create the post
  2. Click on the Posts tab on the left-hand column
  3. Click on the Create Post and you will now be able to create your post
  4. Click preview and make sure you are happy with your post
  5. Click Publish

Your post will appear on your Google Maps listing within a few minutes of you publishing your post.

Google Maps post facts

Congrats, you have now published a Google Maps post, here is some information that you needs to know:

  • Your posts will last a full 7 days and then they will be deleted from the public eye
  • Only 80 characters will show up on your knowledge panel
  • Newer posts will always be shown first
  • Google will only show a maximum of 10 posts at a time

Advice from The Riley Method

Google provides a free tool for local businesses which drives a lot of traffic based on a customers search.

The posts feature will increase the number of visitors to your profile and also increase the number of customers who choose your business over your competitors.

Our advice is to create a new post on a weekly basis to enhance your businesses exposure online.