How to improve your TripAdvisor ranking

One of the most sort after questions from tourism businesses is “How do they improve their TripAdvisor ranking for their listing?“.

There is a good reason for tourism business owners wanting to know how to get higher in their search results and that is because of the number of customers that come from the website.

Did you know:

67% of travellers check TripAdvisor a few times a month or more.

It is in the best interest of the business to understand the algorithm of TripAdvisor so you can increase your organic rankings in their search results.

In 2016, TripAdvisor changed their algorithm and it was mostly for fairness and accuracy for their users.

The new algorithm prevented “Instant Impacters” from adding a listing, getting some 5-Star reviews and then start appearing at the top of the search results.

All new businesses will be allowed a stabling period which means they won’t rise fast and then fall fast once their listing has settled.

Four main factors to improve your TripAdvisor ranking:

  1. Top Rated on TripAdvisorQuality Reviews
  2. Consistency of Reviews
  3. Quantity of Reviews
  4. Date of Reviews

Quality Reviews

Quality is still one of TripAdvisor’s main ranking factors.

When a customer leaves a review they select a “Star Rating” and with TripAdvisor, it is a “Bubble Rating“.

The better you average bubble score, the higher up the rankings your business will be found.

All other ranking factors being equal, a business with 4-5 bubble rating will rank higher than a business with 3 bubble rating!

TripAdvisor Reviews

Consistency of Reviews

Recency of your customer reviews plays an integral part in the position of your business listing.

TripAdvisor believes that recent reviews are more valuable than older reviews, which make perfect sense.

Recent reviews will hold more weight than older reviews and by getting a constant supply of reviews to your TripAdvisor profile you will increase your rankings on TripAdvisor.

The goal… get your customers to leave reviews on a regular basis!

Quantity of Reviews

The number of reviews your business has on TripAdvisor is an important ranking factor as it helps the algorithm properly position your listing in the search results.

There are a number of reasons why you should get reviews from your customers:

  • Your customers like to read reviews from previous customers
  • TripAdvisor needs the reviews to rank your business

Date of Reviews

We spoke about the weigh of the reviews earlier, newer reviews are more important than older reviews.

The date when a customer leaves a review will determine where your listing is position in the search results.

If two business have the same about of ranking factors and the only difference was the date when a review was written, the business with a review written “Yesterday” will outrank a business with a review written “4 Weeks Ago”

TripAdvisor Recent Reviews

Let’s revise how you can improve your TripAdvisor ranking:

  1. 5 bubble reviews are better than 3 bubble reviews
  2. Recently written reviews are better than reviews written a while ago
  3. More reviews on your listings is better than having less review

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