Understand How Reviews Can Help Your Business!

A very common problem/issue that we encounter on a regular basis is “Business owners don’t see online reviews as a priority!” they see reviews as an extra for their hard work and it is nice to have.

Many businesses that we speak with see reviews as a negative marketing avenue, a money pit that will never lead to increases in ROI.

This is mainly due to one of their customers leaving a negative comment about their service.

Businesses don’t understand the power of reviews

Most businesses understand that online reviews are important but they don’t understand why they are significant to their marketing.

Not understanding “Why” reviews are important is a problem.

Let’s look at the thought process of a business:

  1. I have a product/service.
  2. I need customers to buy my product/service.
  3. I need something that will generate sales.

Very simple thought process. Straight to the point and easy steps to reach the end goal of getting customers.

But it is wrong and here is why…

The thought process is not completely wrong but not finished.

Most businesses run on an incomplete model of their buying process. Here is a more accurate process of how business owners should be dealing with getting customers:

  1. Business has a product/service.
  2. They want customers to buy their product/service.
  3. They need something that will generate sales.
  4. Customers search (locally) for relevant products and services.
  5. Customers are introduced to their product or service via their marketing & website.
  6. Customers choose a few “potentials.”
  7. Customers vet potentials.
  8. Customers choose a winner.

This is a generalisation but most businesses forget about the customer journey and how they come to the decision to use a specific business.

If a customer is searching online, they would do a few searches to find the “potential businesses” for them to vet:

  1. Safari holidays in Zimbabwe
  2. Safari lodges in Victoria Falls
  3. Best safari lodges to stay in Victoria Falls

During this search process, customers will be looking at reviews through their journey to find potential lodges to stay at while on their holiday to Zimbabwe.

Most of the customers do not know what they are looking at or what they are looking for during their holiday to Zimbabwe but they do understand reviews!


Most businesses assume that every customer wants what they are selling, specifically their product or service, that the majority of the market will use their company and that may be the case if you stand above and beyond your competitors.

This may be the case if you have a strong reputation with customers reviews!

Your customers aren’t impressed anymore

People are exposed to businesses marketing their products and services on a daily basis via Facebook and Google.

Every business has the tools to make their business stand out online with website designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers etc which will present their business in the best possible light.

What makes a business stand out is the experience that they offer and how their existing clients feel. This is golden!

Online reviews make your business stand out from your competitors.

Use The Riley Method to get online reviews

With a proven online review solution, we are able to manage, build and marketing your businesses reviews.

All this is done while you focus on offer the best possible experience to your customers.

Find out how we can help your business stand out when potential customers are searching for your products and services online.