What is Reputation Marketing?

and how can it help your business?

The best defence is a good offence!

Turning your customers into your businesses marketing engine!

Using your positive reviews to generate more customers

A more common practice that you may have heard or come across is reputation management especially if you have ever had a negative review left about your business online.

Reputation management is about restoring your reputation back to positive after a negative review or negative press has been written about your business. This practice is slightly dated as you are waiting to fix bad publicity.

With the growing popularity of reviews and review websites, more of your customers are going to leave reviews about your business and it is time that you start embracing these reviews and use them to generate more customers using your company.

Introducing reputation marketing, the idea is similar to reputation management but instead of waiting to fix your reputation you are encouraging positive reviews to be written about your business and showcase your business strengths.

Reputation marketing to promote your business

Have you ever done a Google search for your company name, you should because this is how your customers are seeing your business online.

Is your business being reviewed? Are websites displaying Star Ratings on your business profiles?

These star ratings show that you are good at what you do and encourage your potential customers that they are making the right decision by choosing to use your business. Social Proof!

The problem is most of your customers don’t think about leaving reviews after they have used your business unless they are upset about the service they have had or overwhelmed by your great service.

With reputation marketing, all of your customers will be asked to leave a review about your business. This is a great way to get your happy customers (in between unset and overwhelmed) to leave a review on one of your business profiles.

Reputation Marketing is about collecting as many reviews as possible from your customers with the intention of showing them off to potential customers looking for businesses like yours.

How does reputation marketing work?

Reputation marketing is all about getting your customers to leave reviews online, sharing those reviews online and on Social Media to potential customers looking to use your business.

It is NOT about trying to scam the system with fake reviews, you are getting real reviews from your real customers.

Potential customers will see these reviews when they are searching for products or services that your business offers and because your feedback is recent, they will have a great idea of what to expect when they choose your business.

Benefits of reputation marketing for your business

Beyond build a positive representation of your business online, reputation marketing can provide another valuable benefit.

As your business begins to collect reviews from your customers and they are indexed with either TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google, most businesses that we work with see an increase in organic rankings in the search results and over time become the dominant website for their respective keywords.

Google and other search engines look at reviews as one of their ranking factors and use them to determine where a website will rank in their search results. The more positive reviews that are consistently added to your profiles will see a rise in rankings.

The is a big difference between reputation management and reputation marketing.

Instead of being reactive and waiting for negative reviews, you are being proactive and showing off your positive reviews.

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