Review Generation

We encourage your customers to leave a review about their experience online

Increase the number of reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook to get more bookings

Get more reviews online to generate more bookings

The Riley Method makes getting your customers to leave reviews about their experience online very easy.

After a customer leaves your business, we contact them on your behalf and encourage them to leave feedback about their experience on one of your profiles on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google.

We direct all customers to a branded feedback page which will filter your customers based on the star rating they gave with their review.


Feedback Page

Every customer will be directed to your own branded feedback page to leave their review.

Review Requests

Together we will decide the best time after they depart to ask them to leave feedback about your business.

Review Tracking

Within your CRM, you will be able to see which of your customers has left a review and who has not.

Start getting reviews from every customer!

The Riley Method has perfected the collection of review from customers, we only ask them to leave a review about their experience during the “hight of happiness” after their experience with your business.

Our review system starts with adding the customer’s email address to the system, after that we will take control and engage with your customer to leave their review. This allows you to focus on giving the best possible experience to your current customers.

Start generating new reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google!

Increase your reviews online to generate more bookings with The Riley Method

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