Review Management

Through your CRM you can manage all your reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook & Google

Respond to reviews, manage negative feedback, run promotional campaigns and more

Manage all your reviews from your CRM

When you use The Riley Method to grow your reputation online, you will get a dedicated CRM where you can manage all your reviews written by your customers on Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor.

We have direct API access which allows us to collect your reviews and allow you to respond, manage negative review tickets and more.

The Riley Method offers a complete review management solution.


Dedicated CRM

You will be able to manage reviews from your customers and respond directly from inside your CRM.

Negative Reviews

Never miss another negative review again. Manage your negative reviews from inside your CRM.


Get monthly reports sent directly to your email showing your reviews and full reputation score.

A complete review management solution!

The Riley Method offers tourism businesses in Zimbabwe a complete review management solution that will allow you to manage your reviews and also generate more reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook.

Get instant alerts as soon as a review is written online about your business.

Take control of your businesses reviews, improve any customer issues, improve customer satisfaction and overall increase ROI!

Manage all your reviews with a dedicated CRM from The Riley Method

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