Review Videos

Turn your 5-Star online reviews into testimonial videos

We convert your brilliant 5-Star reviews into testimonial videos that index in the search engines

Video marketing with your 5-Star reviews

The Riley Method will use your 5-Star customer reviews and convert them into a testimonial video on Youtube. These review videos will be indexed by the search engines allowing potential customers to find and watch them.

Video marketing is one of the more powerful forms of marketing and by using your amazing customer reviews we will be social proofing your business.

Review videos are a valuable form of social proofing.

Your Reviews

We use your 5-Star reviews from your customers to make your testimonial video.

Brand Index

Your videos will be indexed by the search engines using your company details.

Monthly Videos

You will receive monthly testimonial videos using your amazing customer reviews.

The power of review videos

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world and it is owned by the biggest, Google and this allows The Riley Method to rank your videos in the search engines very easily.

Customers “Google” business all the time to learn more and read reviews left by previous customers. They do this because they want to find out what they are going to experience if they use your company.

All videos produced by The Riley Method will use professional spokesmodels and are shot using a green screen to look like the spokesmodel is actually standing at your business.

Turn your reviews into testimonial videos with The Riley Method

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