Generate reviews from your clients and market them to people looking for your service/products online!

The world is ever-changing and gone are the days where you could solely rely on “Word of mouth“.

Your customers are constantly online, either through work or via social media, they are digitally savvy and have become immune to old-school tactics of offline advertising and standard marketing messages.

Time to change…

When people are deciding which company to use, they go to the most trusted source, past clients!

Online reviews play a massive role in a customer making a decision.

What do your customers want and need from your business?

To improve the service your company offers, you need to understand what your customers like and dislike and the best place to get this information is from your customer reviews.

Listen to what your customers are saying to fix and improve on your companies service.

Reviews also allow you to understand what your customers really like about your business which will allow you to focus on what is working.

How can The Riley Method help your business?

  • Generate reviews from your customers
  • Review alerts as soon as a review is written by one of your customers
  • Manage all your reviews from one platform
  • Market your reviews onto your social media automatically
  • and so much more…

Leave a review

We have a complete reputation marketing platform that will allow business to tap into one of the most powerful sources of revenue, your happy customers.

With our review solution, you will be able to gather, analyse and engage with your customer reviews from one central hub.

We work in real time, so everything is instant due to our direct API access with Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor.

Grow your reputation before your competition does!

Reviews and reputation marketing is going to hit in a big way and you have a chance to be one of the first businesses to use this form of marketing.

Grow your reputation and be the number 1 business in your industry online with the help of The Riley Method.

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