Website Management

Keeping your WordPress website safe from hackers and your files up to date

Backups, hacker safe and edits when you require

Keep your website safe with The Riley Method

WordPress is by far the best platform to build a website but because of its popularity, hackers do target out of date files within plugins and WordPress core files.

The Riley Method will keep your website up to date with checks being done daily and any updates being done on your behalf.

Within this website management service, you can request edits to be done your website anytime.


Website Backups

Weekly edits will be done on your website and your files will be stored in the cloud for safety.

Website Edits

Included in this website management package are any websites edits that you may require.

Hacker Protected

We will secure your website using proven hacker prevention plugins. Keeping your site safe.

Keep your website safe and protected

We offer an all-inclusive website management service that will keep your website safe from hackers and also make regular backups in case your website is breached.

When your website gets hacked, it can take time and money to get your website restored.

By opting for our website management service, you are preventing your website from being offline and the possibility of spending a lot of money to restore your website.

Included in this service is the ability to request any changes to your website by The Riley Method so your website will always be showing 100% up to date information.

Prevent your website from being hacked with The Riley Method

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